Worry-free life abroad

Getting ready to live or work overseas? Let’s get you some good, reliable health coverage so you can concentrate on settling in, worry-free.

Whether it's for a new job or a just a new adventure, let us help you settle in to your new home

You don't have to worry about what you’ll do if you have a health emergency and have to see a doctor while you’re away.

You can purchase health care insurance meant for Canadians living overseas (as well as your spouse and children).

It’s easy to get this off your list. Get in touch with a us today and ask about insurance for Canadians living overseas.

What's covered?

Whether it’s a health or dental emergency, it pays to be prepared when you’re living or working overseas.

While you’re living abroad, ensure you get the services you need whenever you need them, wherever you need them.

And, for added convenience, get your expenses reimbursed by direct deposit in over 110 currencies.


Coverage (maximum)

Description (per insured person, per injury or sickness)

In-patient hospital costs


Up to semi-private room accommodation

Paramedical services

$500 per profession

Chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath, podiatrist or acupuncturist

Nursing at home


Up to 12 weeks

Ambulance charges


Costs for ambulance to hospital

Out-patient services


Includes prescription drugs and durable equipment

Emergency dental treatment


Accidental blow to the mouth

Repatriation or local burial


Repatriation back to Canada or to your country of residence abroad in the event of death

Emergency medical evacuation


Cost of licensed air ambulance service to the nearest hospital

Compassionate emergency travel


Single round-trip economy airfare for one family member, including up to $150 per day for meals and accommodations

Parent accompanying child


Costs for a parent to stay in hospital with insured child under 15 years of age

Complicated maternity


Includes reasonable and customary costs for hospital and medical expenses incurred for pre-natal care, childbirth and post-natal care treatment when diagnosed as a complicated pregnancy