Long term health coverage for international students

If you need health coverage while you are studying in Canada, we can make it easy.

Students sitting on campus

Easier to use.

  • Ideal for international students in Canada for longer than 6 months
  • Provides coverage for routine medical follow-ups, as well as medical and dental emergencies that occur while you are studying in Canada
  • No deductible to pay once you’ve bought your insurance
  • Emergency coverage follows you if you decide to travel during your studies
  • Coverage also available for your spouse and children too

Easier to buy.

  • There’s no medical questionnaire to fill out

What’s covered?

Health services


Lifetime maximum

Up to $1 million

Hospital stay

Up to 60 days per sickness or injury, including outpatient consultations

Annual medical examination

One examination and related laboratory tests

Eye examination

One examination


Reasonable and customary costs for childbirth (normal and caesarian section)

Medical diagnostic tests

Laboratory tests and X-rays

Ground and air ambulance services

When medically necessary

Prescription drugs

Up to $10,000

Treating dental accidents

Up to $1,000

Paramedical services

Up to $500 per profession

Psychologist fees

Up to $500

Psychiatric treatment

Up to $10,000 when admitted to hospital and/or outpatient consultations

Accidental dismemberment or total permanent loss of use of limb or sight

Up to $10,000

Emergency treatment when outside your province

14 days in the United States / 90 days in the country of origin or in another country for a training program / 14 days outside of the province of residence


See how this coverage compares to Student Emergency Medical Coverage


Keep in good health so you can make the most of your studies and your life here in Canada.



International Student Health Travel Insurance - Policy (effective June 1, 2019)