Insure your next vacation

Travel insurance should be like having a good friend at home. The one you can count on to always have solutions, who will drop everything to help you out in a pinch.

A friend won’t let you miss a chance to enjoy your vacation. That’s our goal too.

  • You can call any time, any day of the year and our representatives will be ready
  • You’ll get help with medical emergencies, lost baggage, last-minute cancellations and urgent returns home from people who deal with this all the time. They know what to do when you’re at a loss
  • They’ll support you through it. Answer your questions. Give directions. Make sure you have the help you need
  • And, if possible, help you get on with enjoying your vacation

You pick the coverage level and type of insurance you need. If anything goes wrong, you can call us for help. You’ll get help fast, and, if possible, back to enjoying your vacation quickly.

Insurance that fits

You choose:

  • Emergency medical coverage
    •  Up to $5 million CAD
  • Trip cancellation, interruption and baggage insurance
    • With or without emergency medical coverage
  • Coverage for a single trip, or for several trips

Our fast and free online quote helps you easily choose the options and compare the costs.

What’s covered?

  • Hospital and doctor’s fees
  • Ambulance (ground or air) to emergency care
  • Transport to a hospital from a remote area
  • Emergency medical attention
  • Private nursing care
  • New prescriptions (30-day supply)
  • Treatment for dental accidents
  • Flying your spouse or children home if you are transported back to Canada
  • Returning your vehicle to your home or to a rental agency


  • Reimbursement of costs if you have to cancel your trip before you leave home
  • Reimbursement of costs if you have to return home early from a trip
  • Cost of necessities if your luggage gets lost or stolen

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Are you an avid traveller?

You should consider our Multi-Trip Annual Plan and know you’re covered for multiple trips throughout the year. 

Find out more about our multi-trip plans 



Medi-Select Advantage Emergency Medical Travel Insurance - Policy

Medi-Select Advantage Non-Medical Travel Insurance - Non-Medical Policy

Distribution Guide for Quebec residents - Distribution Guide
(Please read this document prior purchasing this insurance.)