Insurance for a year’s worth of business trips

Too busy to buy travel insurance, but know you need it? You’ll like how this works.

We make protecting you in a medical emergency easier.

How? It’s simple. By offering you one plan for multiple trips throughout the entire year.

Quote it. Buy it.

Do it once and you’re covered for a year’s worth of trips, for a duration of your choice. One visit gets you everything you need. For every trip. Don’t have time to think about it? We’ve done it for you. Our fast and free online quote system lets you check off what you need as you go and compare costs for options quickly. 

One quote, one purchase, one plan covers you for a year’s worth of trips.  

What’s covered?

  • Hospital and doctor’s fees
  • Ambulance (ground or air) to emergency care
  • Transport to a hospital from a remote area
  • Emergency medical attention
  • Private nursing care
  • New prescriptions (30-day supply)
  • Treatment for dental accidents
  • Flying your spouse or children home if you are transported back to Canada
  • Returning your vehicle to your home or to a rental agency

Quickly compare costs for the coverage level you want.

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