Not happy? Tell us about it.

Our customers tell us they’re happy with our service. But we can all make mistakes. If you’re not happy, please tell us. We’d like to change that.

Appeals or Complaints

Most problems can be fixed by a quick call to a customer service representative.

They may need to ask you for more information, or take some time to investigate.

We hope your call to a representative can resolve the issue. But we’ve given you more options, if you need them.

  • If you’ve spoken to a customer service rep, but still aren’t satisfied, you may ask to speak to a supervisor or department manager.
  • Supervisor couldn’t help? Please submit a Claim Feedback or General Feedback form.


What can you expect if you file a Claim Feedback or General Feedback form?

Your form goes to the Quality Management team who will:

  • Let you know they received your form and provide timing for a full response
  • Investigate the issue and review the file
  • Advise you of a final decision